Furniture and Living Exhibition in Nitra (Slovakia) 2016


After a series of successful exhibitions, we took business to the fair Furniture and Living in Nitra 2016. This is an international fair of living, design and architecture, where we were about to unvail a unique piece nature juxtaposed with modern LED lighting.
The product taking it’s debut here was an exceptional recessed wooden lamp called the “woodLED Tilt”, which attracted great attention among members of the public and professionals alike. With its variability and tilt recess it gives the customer a wide range of ways to customise their lamps to their liking. With Subtle edge luminaire discreetly incorporated into a plaster ceiling it creates a perfect blend of natural materials. The inner body is also fitted with the same wood veneer enhancing the impact the light gives.


Trilium has innovated this light with the addition of Teak Wood Veneers and Luxurious Palisander Santos. Individual wood veneers can be picked to suit the customers’s requirements based on samples available.