Return to nature

TRILUM is a brand based on experience. Our engineers and designers transform visions into reality. We draw on decades of combined experience in order to create our unique and prestigous products. The result being the latest lighting technology conbined with pure nature to give a feel of harmony and prestige to any interior design.

Our Target

The aim of our brand is to provide reliable products with a focus on detail and quality. Each wooden lamp is made in the hands of our master craftsmen in order to create the perfect the final product. We believe that only a specialist with a trained eye can emphasis on the smallest detail in order to achieve the uncompromisable result we expect from our products.

Our Mission

Our priority is 100% customer satisfaction. If you purchase a Trilium brand product, you are bringing nature and light into your home and by chosing LED technology you are guaranteeing quality without compromising comfort.


Many ideas which are still only on paper, will over time transform into reality and enrich our future product portfolio with more high quality luminaires.

TRILUM – return to nature