Custom-made Asymmetrical Wooden Lamp

When Trilium were asked to create Wooden custom-made lamp according to a customer needs, this is what we came up with. A custom shaped and unique LED ceiling lamp fixed on architectural concrete. The extreme contrast between raw concrete and soft natural wood gives a jaw dropping effect which is often not seen.

To create this magnificent piece of light and art we custom manufactured special LED lighting modules to fit with the custom made frame. We also used Samsung high-efficiency LED’s with TCI power supplies in order to give the lamp extreme power and high performance. The lamp was finished with oak wood and a beeswax coating thus giving a precise finish and a charming look.

Overall we couldn’t be more proud of this design and we feel the lamp fits very well into the whole design concept while adding a definate warming contrast to the exsisting cold concrete walls.

Asymetrical LED ceiling wood lamp - TrilumAsymetrical LED ceiling wood lamp - TrilumAsymetrical LED ceiling wood lamp - Trilum