Distinct Square Wooden Ceiling Light

This distinct square wooden cieling light is named the WoodLED SLOPE 600 is an elegant piece of furniture measuring at 600mm in diameter.The light’s rosewood finish perfectly fits with dark furniture in any room. The LED lamp can be dimmed for softer lighting and gives the possibility to achieve the perfect atmospheric feel in any situation, whether you are relaxing, reading or having a party.

For perfect light distribution this light uses a high-quality PMMA diffuser from the German company Evonik, which achieves excellent dispersion characteristics and a perfect look.

trilum-woodled-slope-600-square-ceiling-luminaire-1Trilum's wooden LED lamp with Evonik PMMA diffuserTrilum's wooden LED lamp with Evonik PMMA diffuser

Used product

woodLED SLOPE 600

This sentual wooden lamp in surface mounted version with built-in LED technology is dimmable with DALI. Wood veneer is the option of choice (see ordering codes) and revised installation and easy maintenance lamp provides high comfort of use. It also comes with an option remote control for full dimming control.